Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In a prop bet with a friend.

OK so was chatting wit a friend and he doesn't think that i can start from $10.00 and build a bankroll within 3 months. I have $100.00 on this prop bet. I will track my progress daily and within 3 months hopefully be able to have a bankroll to play 10nl comfortably. He thinks that micro limits is a crap shoot and all based on luck. I am going to prove him wrong. I will be grinding cash games and playing freerolls and the daily dollar to build a roll. Also i have rakeback which is going to help wit build a BR. I am not allowed to redeposit. I think the biggest challege for me is going to be patience enough to break the $100.00. Well here is a screen shot of my current bankroll. I transfered all my funds to my buddies account and was just allowed to keep $10.00 and whatever change was there also.
So have until 7/20/2010 to reach a bankroll of 250+ to be able to play 10nl.

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